Delta S-R Front Splitter Fitting Guide - Ford Fiesta


Delta S-R Front Splitter 


This part has been given a difficulty rating of Beginner meaning it is simple and easy to fit the part to your car however for ease we recommend  2 people.

These fitting instructions are for the Delta S and Delta S-R Front Splitter for the Ford Fiesta Mk8, Mk7 and Mk7.5 ST, Zetec S/ST Line models.
Screws are included.

You will need: Cross head screw driver and screws provided.

  1. Offer the new splitter up to the bottom of the bumper.
  2. Check that the fitment is correct.
  3. Assistance with two other people, centralise the splitter.
  4. Hold the splitter tight against the car near the wheel arches.
  5. Screw nearest centre hole in the middle of the splitter up in to the bumper and loosely screw (not over tight).
  6. One more screw fixing is required near each wheel arch, use the one, out of the two screw holes, that are furthest away from the arch itself.
  7. Stand back and fully check the alignment of the splitter to the bumper.
  8. Once happy repeat the process on all of the leading holes and then again on the holes deepest under the car.
  9. Systematically from the centre outwards tighten all of the screws.
  10. Stand back and admire your new part.

Additional Notes

If you happen to scratch your new splitter, it is coated with a thick black gel-coat, which can be re-polished.

To re-polish; wet flat the effected area with 1200 grade wet and dry, polish with a cutting compound such as T Cut.