Professional Fitting Service

With over 100 years’ combined experience between our three fitters, we are experts in the fitting and fabrication of fibreglass and carbon fibre car products and body kits.  

Our professional fitting service takes place on-site at our workshop in Barnsley.

The fitting service is available 5 days a week however we can be flexible to accommodate our customers' needs and requirements.  

Fitting is by appointment only, please feel free to contact us to arrange an appointment or to discuss your requirements. 

Our fitting helpline is also available 7 days a week on 07940 457490 where you can access our wealth of knowledge.


Price List 

Standard Spoilers from £40.00
Delta RT Splitter  from £35.00
Front/Rear Splitters from £50.00
Front/Rear Bumpers from £80.00
Side Skirts (pair) from £80.00
Full Body Kits from £100.00
BMW E30 MT2 Body Kit from £200.00


Delta Ford Fiesta & Focus Items

Delta Spoilers from £  50.00
Delta Front Splitters from £  40.00
Delta Side Skirt Splitters from £  60.00
Delta Rear Spats from £  30.00
Delta Full Low Line Kit from £  80.00
Delta Low Line Kit & Spoiler from £100.00


Prices are dependent on the item you have purchased, the condition of your car and any additional time involved due to undeclared circumstances e.g. any filling work that may be required prior to fitting. PLEASE NOTE: We do not remove any pre-fitted parts on a car. When attending your fitting appointment please ensure any parts we are replacing are removed prior to your appointment time.


Fitting Durations

Standard Spoilers from 20 mins
Front/Rear Splitters from 30 mins
Front/Rear Bumpers from 45 mins
Side Skirts (pair) from 1 hour
Full Body Kits from 2 hours
BMW E30 MT2 Body Kit from 6 hours
Delta Low Line Kits from 45 mins


How long does this service take? 

The fitting of each part varies and in most cases, we offer a ‘fit while you wait’ appointment.

For parts that take longer to fit it is recommended that you leave your car with us until the fitting is complete. 

Please contact us to discuss all your requirements as any additional work on the day may affect the length of time it takes to complete the fitting. 

How do I purchase this service? 

Payment of this service will be due on the day of fitting; your confirmation email will provide full details of this. 

Do we only fit our products? 

No, our fitting service is not restricted to the fitting of just our products thanks to our vast experience, however, due to the poor quality of some fiberglass parts that are in the marketplace, we may refuse as we won't put our name to inferior products. 

Additional Information

We have a huge image library of parts that we have previously fitted and are keen to add to this catalogue on the fitting day. 

We will ask if we can take photographs of the fitted part(s) to use on our website and will only do so with the owner’s strict permission.

Please see our terms and conditions for further information.