Professional Painting Service

At DeltaStyling® we understand the importance of receiving a part that you can fit straight to your car without the added hassle of additional work such as prepping, priming and painting.

That’s why we offer all our customers the option to take advantage of our professional painting service. 

Our on-site professional painter has over 30 years experience in the industry and using up to date paint technology; an integration of modern water-based paints and the latest 2pac technology, all items are painted and finished to a very high standard. 

Price List


Standard Items: 

Standard Front/Rear Splitters from £140.00
Standard Spoilers from £150.00
Large Spoilers from £250.00
Standard Side Skirts (pair) from £180.00
Standard Front/Rear Bumpers from £250.00
Standard Body Kits from £300.00
Large Body Kits from £500.00


Specialist Items:

Satin Black Finish on Spoilers from £  80.00
Delta RT Splitter from £100.00


Specific Spoiler Items:

Civic EP3 Grill from £100.00
Mugen EP2/3 - One Colour from £180.00
Mugen FN2 with BGB/CF Blade from £180.00
Mugen FN2 - One Colour from £180.00
Mugen FN2 - Two Colours from £200.00
Celica TRD - One Colour from £180.00
Celica TRD - Two Colours from £200.00


Delta Ford Fiesta & Focus Items:

Fiesta Delta Spoiler  
Fiesta Delta S - One Colour from £200.00
Fiesta Delta S - Two Colours from £220.00
Fiesta Delta S-R from £180.00
Fiesta Delta S-RR from £200.00


Focus Delta Spoiler  
Focus Delta S - One Colour from £210.00
Focus Delta S - Two Colours from £230.00
Focus Delta S-R from £190.00
Focus Delta S-RR from £200.00


Delta Splitter Range

Delta Front Splitters from £130.00
Delta Side Skirt Splitters    from £180.00
Delta Rear Spats from £  90.00
Delta Full Low Line Kit from £300.00



How long does this service take? 

Due to the high demand in our paint shop, the lead-in time for painted items is between 10-12 weeks at present however we will endeavour to keep you informed throughout each stage of the process. 

(Updated 26/11/19 09:30hrs)

What information do we need? 

At the time of order, you will need to provide the colour and colour code of your car; these are generally found on the VIN plate. 

The easiest way to find the VIN plate is to stand outside the driver’s side of your car and look at the corner of the dashboard where it meets the windshield.

If the VIN plate can’t be located there check the driver's side door post; open the door and look at where the door latches when it is closed (on some cars this will be the passenger’s side door post). 

If you are still struggling to find your VIN plate check your car manual instead for the colour code or alternatively please give us a call and we will be happy to help you locate the information. 

How do I purchase this service? 

Simply select the painting service from the drop-down menu set against each of our products.

Additional Information 

Xirallic Paint

Xirallic is a special type of metallic paint which promises a sparkly and crystal effect shimmering colour with a deeper intensity and stronger paint sheen. Xirallic paints are more expensive and as such we will contact you to discuss prior to having your part painted.

All painted parts receive quality checks prior to packaging and shipping or fitting.

Our professional painting service is only available for our products. 

If you are unsure of anything or would like a FREE quotation, please contact our experienced technicians on 07940 457490.