Mark Fox

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Hi, I'm Mark. Where do I start? You could say from the days of Max Power I was hooked on modified cars! I was the modern day chav, but back then it was not all about pops and bangs, it was custom body kits with crazy interiors, 100% one of a kind cars. From the young age of 16 I have always been around or working on cars; it’s my life. Going back about 20 years or so; I purchased a "model car" or a Nissan Silvia S15 with working lights, underglow, spoiler and custom body kit. I have said to myself I will build this car one day and I still have the model to this day; a true work in progress.

My plans for the MK8? I am at the point where I feel the outside of the car is how I want it to look for now. I'm not one for chasing power so the only thing I have left would be a custom audio build as everyone loves bass! I currently have the DeltaStyling spoiler riser and the low line kit, for me I feel that the spoiler riser makes the car look so much better then having a flat OEM spoiler.

My best project to date is the whole car; the way it looks. I love every part from the placement of the decals to the Delta low line kit. The car is a reflection on the way it makes me feel - which is pretty amazing.