Delta S-RR Spoiler Fitting Guide


Delta S-RR Spoiler 


This part has been given a difficulty rating of Intermediate.


  1. Remove brake light
  2. Unscrew spoiler from underneath tailgate
  3. Lift spoiler from the tailgate
  4. Remove button locators
  5. Check end holes are covered to prevent water ingress
  6. The tailgate is now ready to accept the Delta S-RR spoiler


  7. Apply masking tape to top of roof as protection against bolt contact
  8. Apply Tigerseal around the bolt holes and bolts on the tailgate and spoiler
  9. The spoiler is now ready to go on the car
  10. Feed brake light cables through the spoiler
  11. Lower spoiler to bolt holes, align and connect
  12. Once secure on tailgate lift tailgate to screw fix the spoiler from underneath (it is helpful to have someone hold the spoiler for you)
  13. Screw fix into place
  14. Reconnect brake light
  15. Test brake light then screw back in place
  16. Remove sticky tape from double sided sponge on the spoiler
  17. Remove masking tape from roof top
  18. Your spoiler is now fitted

Stand back and admire your purchase.