Delta RT Front Splitter Fitting Guide


Delta RT Front Splitter 


This part has been given a difficulty rating of Beginner meaning it is simple and easy to fit the part to your car.

  1. Remove the lower rubber skirt from the bottom of the bumper. This is held in position with small bolts with 10 mm heads. There are 2 additional bolts to be removed which are located just to the rear of the rubber valance mounts.

  2. Offer the new splitter up to the bottom of the bumper and slide it into the mounting grooves.

  3. Locate the splitter tight into the bumper and using the original bolts insert and loosely tighten these bolts.

  4. Adjust the splitter to its new position, checking that it is perfectly aligned to the bumper, once happy with its position, tighten the mounting bolts.

Stand back and admire your purchase.

Additional Notes

If you happen to scratch your new splitter, it is coated with a thick black gel-coat, which can be re-polished.

To re-polish; wet flat the effected area with 1200 grade wet and dry, polish with a cutting compound such as T Cut.