Honda Civic Type R Side Skirts - 2001-2005


Honda Civic Type R Side Skirts - 2001-2005
Honda Civic Type R Side Skirts - 2001-2005 1 Honda Civic Type R Side Skirts - 2001-2005 2

Key Features

  • 1st generation remastered unit
  • Fits all 3 door Honda Civic models
  • Professional Painting Service Available
  • Professional Fitting Service Available

Product Description

This part is brand new, direct from our factory in the UK. 

The part is made out of high-quality fiberglass using the latest laminating techniques to ensure superb quality.

This is not a genuine part but a replica replacement or enhancing product. 

The side skirts have an upper return flange to make fitting easy, a small amount of trimming and sanding may be required to obtain a perfect fit as the contours of each individual car do change slightly, particularly around the front wing and rear quarter panel.

The side skirts attach to the vehicle using self-tapping screws or rivets around the wheel arch return and rivets inside the door edge (please note fixings are not included).

Need Professional Painting?

This part can be supplied in the colour of your car or choice for an additional cost, see our Professional Painting Service below.

Need help with fitting?

Our professional fitting service is available 7 days a week for a small charge, see our Professional Fitting Service.

We also have a dedicated 24 hour fitting helpline available 7 days a week to help with any fitting queries, please call (+44) 7940 457490. 

Our technicians have over 35 years experience in fitting fiberglass products and will be more than happy to assist you.


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