Ryan McGhie

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My name is Ryan McGhie, I drive a Ford Focus Mk3 ST, running stage 2 at 310bhp.

I live for my car and photography. I work full time as a butcher but in my spare time I am always about working on my car or doing photo shoots. I have so many things I want to do to my car, but not enough money to do it right now so my car is in a perfect state, but still many more mods to come. My father also used to be a rally driver back in the day and the passion for cars has just continued on from there. He had many Mk2 escorts. If only we still had them to this day! 

The mods I’m running on my car are as follows: DeltaStyling front splitter, DeltaStyling spoiler, 1AV wheels, stage 2 Airtec front mount intercooler, scorpion cat back exhaust system, RS rear end and many more that I can’t even remember!

The Delta products that I am currently running on my car have completely transformed the look! Looking back my car looked so boring and less aggressive. Now you definitely see her coming in your mirror. The way the products are designed ensures it has brilliant airflow so they are as aerodynamic as possible! 

I would not say there is one specific thing that has been the best project for me so far. But I have many things to come and hoping to start Making the car more mine.

Everything so far has really gone great with my car. Besides the fact that I have had issues with my radiator, water pump etc. Due to a small accident a while back.

I’ve always wanted a Focus ST. Initially I was wanting a Mk2 Focus ST but unfortunately I was unable to insure a Mk2 as I was buying ST at the age of 18. But overall I just love how aggressive my car looks. It has really come so far from when I bought it 2 years ago. However who knows what the future holds?!