Nik Mistry

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Hi, I'm Nik. Currently I’m a full time serving member of the British Armed Forces. It’s such a great career with so many benefits, don’t get me wrong like anything it does have it downfalls; however I have no regrets joining! I also have a family who enjoy the car scene with me.

Besides the DeltaStyling modifications I have made to the car I also have carried out various other modifications such as wide arches, aftermarket alloys, modified lighting, lowered suspension, remap, air intake, and numerous other visual and performance modifications. My plans for the car are eventually to get it on Air suspension, maybe fit an even wider bodykit, possibly a wrap in a specific colour I have seen and also fit a new custom built steel bonnet which is certainly going ahead.

I first started modifying the car by fitting an aftermarket front splitter. I decided at the time that it was going to stop there. I often look back at that, then look at the car and wonder to myself, how could I of even suggested stopping in the first place!

I can remember the first time communicating with DeltaStyling and discussing their plans for the Focus having seen what they'd done with the Fiesta. I loved watching the front splitter for the Mk3.5 Focus ST being developed and then having the absolute honour of showcasing that on the car! I'm now enjoying watching my own personal project, my custom bonnet, come to life.

Personally for me, the biggest change to the vehicle has come from the wing! A common choice for most Focus Mk3 owners is to upgrade their stock wing, and after I had the Delta S-RR wing fitted, the whole car looked totally different! The low line kit also adds to that level of uniqueness and aggression as there is nothing like it on the market!

I have put a lot of thought into different modifications on the vehicle, I am an extremely fussy person when it comes to the car, I like things to be as I can imagine them, practical, and also visually pleasing. I think in all, to date everything has gone well and I haven’t had any regrets.

When asked what I like most about my car or what I like to do most with my car; this is such an extremely tough question because I think everything works perfectly, like a jigsaw. My next move with the bonnet is a very bold move, however I am sure this will tie in with how I have modified it so far.

Every step of the way with this car I have met so many different people within the car scene, with different tastes, different cars, different ways to express themselves through modifying their cars and also peoples involvement within the scene.

I have built some great relationships through social media, as well as shows and meets, the scene isn’t about who’s got the better car, it’s about all of us sharing our passion together through any means that we can all enjoy being a part of safely.

The amount of positive memories created during my journey with this vehicle totally outweigh the negative ones and I’m looking forward to creating even more of them with my friends who I have met through sharing this passion.