Naomi Cavill aka 'Nomes'

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Hi! I am Naomi from Kent and my main interests are cars, gaming, books, make-up & dying my hair! It all started with my dad’s MK2 Ford Cortina and VW Camper, I’ve been around cars my entire life with a family of mechanics and nothing is as memorable as the smell and atmosphere of going to help in the garage from as young as I can remember. My dad and Grandad showed me that being a girl doesn't stop you from building your dreams in a boys world. I can’t deny that without my families help, my car wouldn’t be where it is today either!

My car is “Zelda” and I have a few plans for her, including a complete rebuild and restoration as I’m proud to have one of the rarest modern fords and I hope to keep her as pristine as I can. She has a block mod and has been remapped, currently running 340BPH. My favourite thing about my car is just how often I see a look of shock from passers by when they realise it’s a woman driving (and that I know how to handle it).

Who doesn’t love that bright orange too?

My goals are a driveway full of project cars with my better half, I can’t think of anything better than having our future children experience what we both had growing up and well, you need someone to pass the 10mm don’t you?  

Delta have become more than a company to myself and more of an extended family and I cannot fault their products at all, from making the car look sleek and aggressive all in one. The showstopper and game changer for me is the Spoiler Riser which not only adds downforce but a unique look onto the car when there is nothing similar on the market. I am beyond honoured to have the very first one fitted to my car.

My favourite things to do with my car is a good cruise with friends to nowhere and hunting out amazing photo locations! The bond through our cars is a friendship we hold onto for life. Also my partner and all of our Delta family attending car shows and events, the welcoming feeling of being around people likeminded is incomparable and is a fantastic way to spend our summers. I am so proud to represent DeltaStyling and jumped at the chance to be an ambassador.