Lewis O'dea

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Hello everyone, I'm Lewis. I'm a windscreen fitter, and I enjoy my job as working on cars has always been somewhat of a goal for myself. One of my main passions is keeping the car looking presentable at all times and often at all costs! I also occasionally like to play guitar, but tend to keep them stored away as they are both a discontinued/sought after item (one from 1983, the other from 1998) and I would prefer to keep them in pristine condition; just like the car!!!

Besides the DeltaStyling modifications I have made to the car I also have: Focus RS front and rear bumpers, dual exit exhaust with 5" slash cut tips, Bola B11 alloys, Pumaspeed Fiesta ST blow off valve, Artec Air filter, SK Graphics air box lid, J9 Performance Parts slam panel end covers, Kuro Carbon handbrake replacement cover, Paintmodz sharkfin Ariel.

Future plans for the car are to upgrade the internals, i.e. Steering wheel cover from phatbits UK, add a rain sensor and possibly cameras which would mean upgrading the windscreen and stalks behind the wheel, add cruise control, sat nav, possibly upgrade to some ST3 leather seats and then maybe lower it, eventually. Not much at all!

I originally bought my car with the intention of not modifying it. It's only when I went onto Instagram, and joined Focus North West Owners Club on Facebook, that I found other Focus owners that have made modifications to their cars, and I just wanted everything! It took off from there and won't stop!

One of the best modifications to my car that I have, I believe are my wheels. In my opinion everyone seems to go for the same alloy and I wanted to find a set that no one had on their Focus. I bought the Bola B11's and only know of 3 other Focus' with these alloys on. To me, that's good going!

I feel the Delta S-R Spoiler has made the biggest difference to the car though. I find myself always answering questions about where it's from, where people can buy them from and how much better they look than the standard spoilers the cars come with. The Delta S-RR spoiler always receives compliments and I have had several offers from people to buy it from me.

For me, the only challenge I have faced up to now, was maintaining the car to the level I wanted to with a low budget from the wrong job role. Since starting my current job in 2018, I have experienced no further challenges with this car. (Touch wood)

I like the whole car in general at the minute! I find I have the car (looks wise) around where I've wanted it to be for a while. It needs a few bits here and there, but the car as a whole, I love it!

I love to go to car shows and drives out with Focus North West Owners Club, I have met plenty of life long friends (+girlfriend) through this group. They are like an extended family!


Credits: PTR Static Photography