Jack Raper

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Well, here we are. My name is Jack Raper. I am the owner of this 2016 Ford Fiesta Ecoboost. My car has a full shebang of DeltaStyling parts. This includes the S-RR front bumper and grille, alongside the S-RR twin rear diffuser. For those who are interested in following my adventure in the car scene alongside DeltaStyling, you can find this on my insta at JR_FEZ. By far my favourite mods on my car are the delta styling front bumper, front grille and rear diffuser. 

If you have previously gone to any big car shows (ModNats for example) you will have seen me floating about in my big inflatable panda suit. This is something I tend to do at shows. If you ever see me feel free to ask for a photo. In my free time I’m always thinking about what I can do next to my car. There isn't a moment that goes by where I am not thinking about my car. I’ve always been interested in cars, ever since getting my first hot wheels cars. Unfortunately back then I never knew how much value they would hold to this day and opened them. I have now restarted my collection for me to show my kids later on in life as a show and tell so they could see what I got up to when I was a teenager. In my spare time I'm usually out exploring with one of the other ambassadors, Mark Fox. However, if I aren't out exploring I'm usually playing pretend army men in a sport called Airsoft.

I have got so many plans for and with this car. My main goal is to create a fundraiser for mental health and start doing a bit of charity work with the car. This will be done by going to shows, hosting shows/meets and going to schools talking about mental health. As part of this I want to put a livery on my car. This livery will be Lightning McQueen. I have always loved the film 'Cars' and still watch it to this day in my 20's. I am also looking at getting more Delta Styling parts. This is including the DeltaStyling Low Line Kit. As well as the DeltaStyling S Spoiler. 

My goal is to be able to make an impact on people's lives and inspire them to be car enthusiasts like the rest of us are here. 

The way DeltaStyling has changed my car is phenomenal. I was tired of seeing the same car and style of car everywhere I went. I like to be different. That is why DeltaStyling is such a great and unique company. All of their designs are created with such high attention to detail and care. As stated, I don't like to be normal. I've had numerous people compliment the way my bumper, my grille and rear diffuser change the way my car looks and that they have never seen anything like it before. With the additional vents on the bumper too, I have felt such a great difference in performance too. 

As I've already said, I have been into cars since my first ever hot wheels. Although some of them weren't that realistic, I knew I wanted to have something that was different and not seen before. From that day it's been my goal to drive and own a car that is truly different and turns heads on the street when driving round. 

There hasn't been much done to my car as of yet but the best bit of work done to my car was definitely the front bumper. As this is my first car I have never taken a bumper off and placed it back on. Nevermind a new and different bumper. During this process I had learnt a lot of thing on what to do and what not to do. 

There have been many things that have gone well for me with this car. The main one being that I have met SO many new and amazing people through owning my car and being part of DeltaStyling. This couldn't of been done however without Mark Fox. 

There have also been some challenging parts to my journey with the car scene too. My biggest one is swapping the original bumper for the new one. I had no idea on how to do this but with the right help and support I had proved to myself I can do it.

I can't really say I have one thing I like about my car. There's too much to like about car to say one exact thing. I could only really say all the Delta Styling parts I have as it makes it stand out in front of all others you see on the road.

I do everything with my car. Just the fact that if I have ever had a bad day bat work I can get in my car and go for a blast to clear my head which really does some good for me. 

If I was to sum up DeltaStyling as a company I wouldn't have a bad word to say about them. Just be prepared for the most amazing customer support you will ever receive. Their attention to detail is truly immense and so well done.