Harry Hibbs

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My name is Harry Hibbs from Eastbourne. My passions are my car and drumming, which I've been doing since I was 5! Professionally though I'm a lorry driver. Since a young age I have always loved cars and lorries so decided to make my car my own; different to other cars out there and wanted to try and make it personal to me.

A list of the modifcations on my car include: Full Delta Lowline Kit, Delta S Spoiler, Stage 3 R-Sport Intercooler, ITG Air Intake, Full Cobra Exhaust System. 17" Bola TX09 Wheels, 40-50mm Eibach Lowering Springs and LED Rear Lights.

The DeltaStyling spoiler especially gets a lot of attention, I think it makes the car look very aggressive and has massively improved the look of the car.

I would say the best modification I have done was also by far the easiest and this would have to be the lowering springs or sports cat due to the difference it made. However the most challenging would have to be the Bola TX09's due to them being designed for my car but them then not fitting around the brake calliper housing properly. 

I love the look of the rear of the car due to the Delta S Spoiler. I would love to upgrade the stock turbo to hybrid and get it to stage 3. I may be biased but I think my car is one of the nicest looking add quickest 1.0l fiesta in the South East.

I don't think I'll be happy with the car until it is fully kitted with Delta Products, which won't be long so keep a look out!