Greg Robertson

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Hi I'm Greg Robertson, from Scotland.

I'm currently driving a Mk3.5 Focus ST in stealth grey with purple accents. I have been modifying cars now for around 12 years and all have been Fords. I would say I'm a bit of a Ford geek, inherited from my dad who's always had Ford blood.

I currently have two DeltaStyling products on my car and whilst trying not to be biased at all, they are in my opinion, the best front splitter for the Mk3 and without a doubt the best spoiler riser for the Mk3. The spoiler riser is totally awesome and totally transforms the rear of the car!

By far this car is my most expensive project money and time wise, but I love how everything's come together and worked out well with the colour scheme I went with. Performance wise the cars 315BPH and that's as far as I'm going, we all know these chocolate pistons on the Mk3's are very unforgiving!

Currently I have no issues with the car all smooth rolling so far! The future looks bright as I seek to change the car in around a year or so to the MK4 ST with every optional extra I can! I'm just not sure which model to go with hatch or estate? Only time will tell.....