Charlie True

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DeltaStyling Products: Delta S-RR Front Bumper, Delta S-RR Spoiler with Carbon Fibre Blade, Delta Low Line Kit

Hi, I'm Charlie, Brand Ambassador for DeltaStyling. To tell you a bit about me; I've owned lots of cars in the past, but I always seem to get bored of them after around 6 months and I keep changing them. This car, however, has now stayed with me for 4 years, so there is clearly something I absolutely love about it! I've always been into cars, but this is my first real modded car that I’ve done since owning it from standard. To start with I didn’t plan on modding it so much, but after seeing some of the DeltaStyling club cars I got the inspiration to do it myself. It’s extremely easy to work on and with so many parts available it really is a brilliant car to mod.

I've made so many modifications to date; from a performance point of view there have been the engine upgrades through to suspension; then interior I've added LED's, lazers and even paint work, but without Delta it wouldn’t look the same on the outside and that has to be the best thing about my car. Modifications: Mountune Sports Cat Back Exhaust, Bola B2R Alloys, Collins Performance CP2 map with overrun.

Most of the work I managed to do myself apart from the brakes as I would rather have a professional sort the brakes out for obvious reasons. I found the suspension was easy and most of the engine upgrades were straight forward too. The hardest modification I found was the sports cat. It took over 4 hours to remove the standard cat and a bit less when it came to fitting the Mountune sports cat. It was horrible and typically as soon as I finished mine my mate ordered his and asked if I could fit his, which I of course did!

My car is currently running Stage 2, but I’m stage 3 ready so it’s only needing a new turbo and I already have my eye on one that will take it to nearly 400bhp. That's the goal for it.
Exterior wise I need the DeltaStyling Twin Rear Diffuser and DeltaStyling Spoiler Riser to finish the 'Delta' look of the car.

There’s so many things I love about my car but overall the looks with the DeltaStyling products make it standout. I love to go to the car shows to see all the different 'modded' cars and I absolutely love SantaPod as I like going down the strip. It’s absolutely amazing fun. All the delta products I have definitely increase airflow which is brilliant for keeping things cool and slick to help me achieve the best time. I love the adjustable spoiler for the additional downforce and I love the extra air ducts in the front bumper.

There really are so many things I love about my car, but overall, the looks with the DeltaStyling products really make it standout. DeltaStyling has to be the most unique company out there due to them making and designing all the products themselves and they are always coming out with new products for so many different varieties of car. They are simply the best and that's why I'm delighted to represent them as an Ambassador.