Cameron Phillips

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I’m Cameron from Kent – I’m an electronic engineer and as far back as I can remember; I’ve been around cars. There was one defining moment for me when my love of cars began, I was about 5 and I was washing my dad’s MG ZTT and I took such pride in washing the wheels (the only part I was allowed to touch!)

This has ultimately led me on to a lifestyle of modifying cars, starting with a Saxo at 17! From there I found my ford blood, having owned a MK2 Focus Zetec I knew what I wanted to move on to, bringing me to where I am now; the Fiesta AKA “Bea”

At present Bea has a straight through exhaust, Flowfactor alloys, smoked rear lights, a custom road tune map, a handmade wooden gear knob (made myself during lockdown!). A full LED light conversion, and the full works from DeltaStyling: Bumper, lowline kit, spoiler, spoiler riser and grille. Plus decals to give her a certain look. Finally, a 12” pioneer sub with 6x9 speakers – cut into the parcel shelf, 90’s style!  

I have a few more DeltaStyling products to add until she’s anywhere near finished. My next goal is to get the paint work to an immaculate finish. In the long term I’d love to have a garage full of old Japanese and Ford to pass the time with project after project.

My favourite project on my car has been to travel to DeltaStyling HQ and have the honour of working along side the team to manufacture my grille. The most challenging modification has been my coil overs, nothing but stuck on nuts! 10 or so hours later we finally got them on!

I’ll take my car anywhere at any opportunity, while turning heads because of the pure unique look and rarity of such a well done black edition. I often drive to anywhere or nowhere with my partner and our friends – listening to the sound of my exhaust and realising it’s the sound of the money I’ve put into the car! Although pricey and somewhat challenging, my car is my pride and joy.

When I had the pleasure of meeting DeltaStyling in 2018 I couldn’t imagine I would be where I am today. I am so grateful to be part of the Delta family and all the opportunities their products have given me.


Credit: Forbidden13|Jarvtakesphotos and Roo92 Photography