Brad Abraham

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Hi, I'm Brad, I'm from Southampton and I've always been into modified and supercars! I'm currently also modifying a VW caddy into a camper! My car is pure fun for me and if other people like it too then that brings me just as much enjoyment! I'm a regular at my local car meets and I try to attend as many shows as I can.

My plans at present are to upgrade to the Focus Mk3 RS. Once I get the car my starting point will be to put the DeltaStyling RS splitter on, plus any future RS parts that come out from Delta. ** Update: I now own a Focus Mk3 RS complete with the Delta S-RR Front Splitter installed **.

The first thing I remember about wanting to modify a car was the Fast and Furious saga. This is when I really wanted to get into the world of modifying cars and this has fast become my passion. 

Visually the Delta products have really changed the front end of my car and are by far my favourite visual mods. Performance wise, the extremely loud exhaust system is really pleasing. 

I love to stand back and admire the car when a new part has just been installed. As is with modifying cars the challenge is always finding the money to use for the addiction I have with purchasing car parts.