Ben France aka Frenchy

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Hi, my name is Ben, but I'm known as Frenchy. I drive a 2016 Ford Focus ST diesel Mk3.5 with the following modifications; I have full DeltaStyling low line kit and Delta S-R spoiler. I also have a Miltek exhaust, Airtech intercooler, stage 1 and other bits and bobs. I’ve owned my Focus for nearly 4 years now and I currently live in Yorkshire with my girlfriend and daughter because of work (I'm in the Army). The future plans for my car at present are to move up to a stage 3 map, get a custom bonnet from America and a set of custom front headlights, but I know it won't stop there and there will be other mods to my car on the way.

Since getting the DeltaStyling low line kit and spoiler it has changed the way the car looks completely, my favourite part of the low line kit would have to be the front splitter, it blends in so well to the car and makes the car look so much better. Personally I think it’s the best splitter out there for size and quality.

Modifying my car is something I’ve always wanted to do, but it was having the right car to do it. I’ve been modifying my motorbikes for years and never attempted to modify a car before so thought I'd get into it.

I haven’t done as much to my car yet as I'd like and the main reason for this is being a dad and working away a lot, but if I look at what I have done so far, fitting my intercooler and exhaust was the biggest challenge, especially when you haven’t got a lift for the car to get right under it. I probably spend more time helping others fix their cars than I do on my own car, but these things take time and for me there is no rush!

The fitting of my exhaust whilst challenging went well and even though it’s a diesel it’s made a massive difference to the sound of it. There have been some upsetting moments however; I put a K&N Air filter on it and after I took it out to see how it performs it went straight into limp mode. What annoyed me is others have had the same mod and for them it worked perfectly! You live and learn. 

The favourite thing about the car is the front splitter, vents on the bonnet and the side skirts. Just the way it looks always catches people’s eyes and they always ask where I get them from. Modifying is an expensive hobby and it takes a long time but is so worth it when you get there.

Feel free to have a look at my instagram to find out more!